We are the West Coast General Hospital Medical Staff Association

As a MSA, we represent the dedicated physicians at WCGH, serving as a unified voice and advocate in the provision and planning of medical services. Our job is to ensure that patient care reaches its highest standards through collaboration, engagement, and advocacy.

  • Our Journey

    Back in October 2019, our MSA joined the Facility Engagement Initiative, igniting a new era of teamwork and cooperation among medical staff at WCGH. This initiative has empowered us to work closely with our health authority and colleagues, aiming to optimize patient care and make a real difference in people’s lives.

  • Collaboration is Key

    At WCGH, we believe in fostering a supportive and collaborative environment. We're all about teamwork and partnership, working hand in hand with healthcare providers, staff, and health authority representatives. Together, we ensure robust patient care both within our hospital walls and out in the community.

  • Wellness Matters

    We understand the importance of wellness for our medical staff. Avoiding burnout and promoting wellbeing is crucial for maintaining strong relationships and attracting top talent. Through our initiatives and programs, we’re dedicated to creating a supportive environment where every member of our healthcare family can thrive, both personally and professionally.

  • Together, We Thrive

    In the end, it’s all about delivering exceptional patient care, fostering meaningful connections, and shaping a healthier future for everyone.

Working Group Members

Dr. Marc Lambiotte
MSA President

Dr. Matt Hudson
MSA Vice-President

Dr. Damien White
MSA Treasurer

Dr. Greg De Pape
MSA Medical Director

Dr. Williams
MSA Working Member

Anna Yortt
Project Manager

Together, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional patient care, fostering meaningful connections, and creating a healthier future for all.

Our Strategic Priorities for Advancing Healthcare

Strategic Goal #1

Providing a platform for cohesive multidisciplinary collaboration and care between all healthcare providers, staff and health authority representatives in our facility.

Strategic Goal #2

To augment basic healthcare strategies and provide robust patient care within the hospital during admission and between the hospital and community.

Strategic Goal #3

Physician wellness to be emphasised and monitored regularly to mitigate burnout and encourage recruitment and maintain interpersonal/professional relationships.

Join us in this journey of making a positive impact on healthcare in our community.