iHealth hot sheets


Please refer to these iHealth hot sheets for useful tips.

01_WCGH ClinDoc MedStaff Update_27-Jun-22 – Nursing Documentation v2 (1)

02_WCGH ClinDoc MedStaff Update_28-Jun-22 – My Experience and Sign and Submit (1)

03_WCGH ClinDoc MedStaff Update_29-Jun-22 – Sharing Autotext (1)

04_WCGH ClinDoc MedStaff Update_30-Jun-22 – How to find unsigned documents and COVID-19 Problems05_WCGH ClinDoc MedStaff Update_01-Jul-22 – Order a eMOST

06_WCGH ClinDoc MedStaff Update_02-Jul-22 – Distribution PathwaysCGH ClinDoc MedStaff Update_02-Jul-22 – Distribution Pathways

07_WCGH ClinDoc MedStaff Update_03-Jul-22 – Release to MyHealth PatientPortal

08-09_WCGH ClinDoc MedStaff Update_04-05_Jul_2022 – Admission Transfer Me

10_WCGH ClinDoc MedStaff Update_06-Jul-22 – Progress Notes to Community

11_ClinDoc Go-Live Update_Medical Staff_Adding CC to Signed Note – 07-Jul-2212

_WCGH ClinDoc MedStaff Update_08-Jul-22 – Dragon Quick Reference Guide (1)

13_WCGH ClinDoc MedStaff Update_09-Jul-22 – Dragon Basic Commands (1)

14_WCGH ClinDoc MedStaff Update_11-Jul-22 – Tagging Labs in Unsigned Note

16_WCGH ClinDoc MedStaff Update_12-Jul-22-Optimizing Computer Performance (1) (1)

17_WCGH ClinDoc MedStaff Update_13-Jul-22 – Skill Sharpeners (1)

18_WCGH ClinDoc MedStaff Update_14-Jul-22 – Autotext Summary Table

19_WCGH ClinDoc MedStaff Update_15-Jul-22 – Managing This Visit and Chronic Diagnoses19_WCGH ClinDoc MedStaff Update_15-Jul-22 – Managing This Visit and Chronic Diagnoses

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